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1) The quantity and quality of higher education in the United States are second to none in the world. The United States has thousands of universities and colleges for students to choose. In the newest worlds’ top 100 universities, the number of which is to reaching more than 50. It is no doubt that the higher diploma of America is widely recognized and respected around all over the world.

2) The United States provides the most generous scholarships for international students, especially for the outstanding talent. American universities and professors are all willing to provide high scholarship to pay all the tuition and living expenses for them.

3) "Diversity" is a very important factor in American University. Every year, nearly 1/3 new enrollment students are international students in American universities, and they can experience more rich and colorful life.

4) The primary purpose of American higher education is to train students to become talents in different fields. The universities pay more attention to the practicability and finality of education.

5) American Universities’ flexible credit and elective course system can guarantee that every student chose the proper major for themselves according to their own needs, so that students can minimize the blindness of study. In that case, students can make sure their profession target as soon as possible so that education can really lay the foundation for their future development.

recommended universities

University of California, Irvine, University of St Francis, Southeast Missouri State University, etc.

time of enrollment

January, September every year




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